Concept Papers for Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe and Right at Home

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café        Image

The Focus

This will be a video that introduces patrons to Taziki’s Mediterranean Café. It will be around: 60 seconds and focus on a young woman on the go. The clip will showcase the fast-casual Mediterranean atmosphere, friendly staff and healthy food. It will be aired locally, placed on the local Taziki’s Facebook page and uploaded to YouTube.  

The Issues

Some issues that affect Taziki’s, are that they are not nationally known because they are a start-up company that does not have much money for advertising. They also do not offer a rewards program which would provide customer loyalty to this new café.  

The Audience

The Audience of Taziki’s will mainly be focused on health-conscious women. They also would be a great match for young professional’s on-the-go.

The Content Points

  • Quality/Price
  • Healthy, fast-casual options
  • Mediterranean Experience

The Brand

Taziki’s is all about the Mediterranean atmosphere, fresh ingredients and healthy food they provide. I would like to relay to the audience that Taziki’s is a new, casual café that provides quality, Mediterranean food at reasonable prices.

Right at Home              Image

The Focus

This will be a branding video that focuses on the quality and care provided by Right at Home. It will be filled with testimonials from the patients themselves, family members and even the caregivers.

The Issues

Weak media presence – since the company’s major target audience is elderly, they are not that well connected to social media. This is where I would like to target family members and promote the company in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Also I would like to focus the attention on the certified caregivers. We want to give the patient and family members a peach of mind.

The Audience

Right at Homes main audience is elderly and disabled patients. We can rely on doctors, nurses, and family members to help relay the message to others seeking or needing in-home care.

The Content Points

  • Locally franchised
  • Commercial Testimonials
  • Certified Caregivers

The Brand

Right at Home provides in-home care to elderly and disabled parents. We want the audience to feel like they are in good hands and that their family members are safe and well taken care of.


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