Can We Close The Gap On Gender Specific Marketing?

Have you noticed that more products that were once gender specific are now branching out to the opposite sex? That marketers are finding new ways to highlight the benefits of their product to both genders? Loyal customers often get upset when a brand commonly associated with men expands to include products perceived as feminine—especially in cases where men use a particular brand to communicate their own identities. Take Dr. Pepper Ten for example, a diet soda that attempts to address the fact that male consumers think diet drinks are “girly”.


Gender specific products are not always easily noticeable. It’s not just ads that demonstrate a product’s intended audience but how the product is packaged, too. It was believed by 29 percent that a company would lose sales if it adopted gender neutral packaging, with 28 percent thinking gender specific packaging is a ‘smart marketing move’.

gender marketing

I bring up this topic because many products are becoming more diverse, especially with the younger generation. The ideas of advertising are changing and so are the minds of the consumers. Gender specific products has been around for quite some time and I believe that understanding this relationship will help give marketers a better view as to what works for their brand when marketing to certain genders.


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