Smelling Beyond Creativity – Old Spice

However outrageous Old Spice commercials can get, you have to admit they catch your attention! This company has created a level beyond creativity which leads to the question, what’s next? Their website gives the viewer more than a description off an Old Spice label. It gives the viewer an experience through outrageous, comedic relief. Developing a web site is only the first step in the digital identity process; the next step is promoting the site through traditional and emerging media and to keep the spectator coming back.

Visitors often form first impressions of web pages in less than a second! Upon visiting the Old Spice webpage, you are greeted by a shirtless Terry Crews who is about to shave off a version of him as facial hair. Sound ridiculous? Click here!  Watch other videos, such as the Mom Song, where mothers cry over their growing boys or watch a hairpiece hit on women. Old Spice is all about making you smell good and making you laugh.

Their site is far from ordinary with background textures of shower tile, hardwood floors, carpet and…hair. Scrolling from tab to tab, you learn the Old Spice language, which describes in humorous detail where you will be directed next.

Videos – “Make your eyeballs smell good”

Where To Buy – “Follow your nose to fragrant man goods”

Like every good website should, Old Spice groups all their social media links into icons at the top of the page. This makes it easier for a consumer to share their experience.

Their boldness and creativity are beyond what some companies are willing to do. This leaves the market wide open for them to be as comical and outgoing as possible. Their campaigns do a great job by exciting the target audience by relating to their humor and interests. They also do a great job with brand continuity throughout all their campaigns.


One thought on “Smelling Beyond Creativity – Old Spice

  1. As someone that makes web pages and websites as part of my job, I really appreciated your post this week! You are so right that consumers form a response very quickly about a brand. If the webpage is not only uncreative, but hard to navigate, unable to be read due to font size or color, or slow to load that can really be detrimental to their overall experience. Then those poor sentiments about the website would easily trickle down to the brand itself.

    Old Spice is a great example of how to create a creative and eye-catching website that not only get noticed, but is remembered!

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