Customize This!

Hi folks,

Let’s take a moment to talk about an industry that is transforming the way we purchase products. The customization industry has certainly gained popularity in the past few years as the demand for more personalized products has come into play. Customization helps companies reach certain customers, especially the millennial generation who is out to find a means to express oneself and stand out from the crowd.


I’d like to mention a company that does an excellent job in the customization category. Shutterfly, an internet-based image publishing service. I discovered them a few years ago when looking to create a photobook. The whole process of uploading photos, creating the book and the checkout process was seamless. Upon receiving the product, I was amazed by the quality of the pictures and the double-thick paper it was printed on.

shutterfly book

Customers who use personalized sites such as Shutterfly, become engaged in the process and therefore more engaged with the company. Customers soon become brand loyal when they familiarize themselves with the company, become a member, and know the quality of the product they are going to receive. Companies are constantly gaining insight from their customers who are creating their own templates and designs. This lets the company know what customers are looking for and what will be the next big thing.

Sales of custom photo books, calendars, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and even wall decals totaled an estimated $600 million in 2012. That number is undoubtedly higher as over 22 billion photos will be shared through electronic media by 2015! We will always want to preserve our memories in one format or the other. Shutterfly gives us the option to organize, find, share and create to do just that.


One thought on “Customize This!

  1. I have used Shutterfly on numerous occasions. They have a great deal on making photobooks and making them however you want! I used it for my trips when I went to Paris, and my sister has used it on her trips to Rome and London. My brother just returned from Fiji and we are looking to make him one soon. I never really saw myself as brand loyal before, but now that I think about, I guess I am to Shutterfly!

    Being able to customize almost anything in today’s society is a great way to get people to use a product or service because now it pertains DIRECTLY to them. There is an online store I just found out about that let’s you customize your own material for sewing. They also offer personalized wrapping paper and wall paper.

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