Making Art Out of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are great ways to analyze and evaluate marketing and sales campaigns. Not only do large corporations use such technology but small business owners partake in the excitement too! Having your own blog and social media sites may be helpful in gaining followers from supportive friends and family, but optimizing search engines will build an even broader fan base. SEO is extremely important for businesses to use. For example, if you were a stained glass artist and someone were to search “local stained glass” on Google, you should have it so your name appears in the top search results for your area.


Your website must include the appropriate words and phrases to describe you and your style of art. These “keywords” and “keyword phrases” need to be placed in the most powerful sections of your site. In addition, it’s important to ensure that the keywords you use to describe your art are the same as those being used by people searching for your style of art in search engines and social media.

Social media platforms are nothing new, but the tools we use to analyze them with are becoming more reliable and increasingly popular. Beyond discovering demographics, analytical tools can help a business discover what their customers are talking about and how better to reach them. Sites such as Simply Measured, LikeAlyzer, and Google Trends are only a few of the many social analytical tools used to create valuable information for a business or corporation.


One thought on “Making Art Out of SEO

  1. SEO is an area that all marketers would be smart to take into consideration to help their brand to be found more easily online. However, organic SEO does not necessarily need to be done just through targeted content with select keywords – even though that is still the best place to start in my opinion – but posts to blogs, social media networks including Google+ and video content to YouTube. Together, they can really improve an organization’s SEO rankings. And like you said, there are many great, and free, platforms to help get a company started with their SEO initiatives.

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